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This adventure has only just begun for me!

Taking part in EWES's courses was in my plans for some years. When I finally decided to start, I discovered it was beyond expectations; I never imagined I would feel so happy to be there and learn so much on so many different levels. It's a challenging yet safe playground, where they push you to be a better version of yourself and each day is more surprising than the one before. Some of the things I’ve learnt in the courses are bushcraft techniques, leadership skills, navigation, first aid, nutrition, survival in different areas and many more exciting subjects. This adventure has only just begun for me!

Wilderness Guide in the mountain

Ivet Piqué

The EWES courses will surprise you...

Dies during the Arctic Course

If you are already a mountain guide or a mountain leader and you want to go much further in your professional training, the EWES courses will surprise you. Do you want to grow as a person and as a professional? In their courses you can develop your skills or learn new ones, know your limits and your potential.

EWES instructors, professional guides who develop their vocation in all continents, will guide you in this process and always give the best of themselves so that you too can make the most of yourself.

Ramón Dies



I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. You are wonderful people. My daughters only have words of appreciation for their monitors and their companions. "They say that you are their family". There is a saying that says that he who sows, reaps and I know that life will give back to you, your monitors and your companions, multiplied all that you have done. We know you did it with all your heart.

Mother of participant of ewes' the summer camps

Yolanda, Mother

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