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At EWES we believe in the strength of long-term relationships with our strategic partners. A mature ecosystem of companies and institutions that share our values of sustainability, compassion, and respect. Working together means giving to receive, having fun while creating and working together, being faithful to our purpose and creating meaningful experiences with a positive impact to our planet and all living beings. 

We strive to leave an increasingly positive handprint on the world in which we create and use our outdoor products.

Mountain Safety Research Logo
Osprey Logo

Founded in California in 1974, with a single sewing machine, a head full of ideas, and a desire to design and manufacture innovative, high-quality backpacks.

Thermarest Logo

From the essential, life-preserving warmth, to a simple seat that turns a rocky outcrop, the right dose of comfort makes everything better by allowing you to be at your best.

Lifesystems Logo

British designed and developed products using cutting edge materials and techniques. Every design has been deeply considered to help you get the best out of life’s adventures, no matter how big or small. 

Surviking Logo

We will take you on a trip to Scandinavia where you'll experience nature and the ultimate winter experience: Unique views, making fire, navigating, wild camping or sleeping in a hut. Everything you expect from a Winter survival trek and more.

Rewild Journey Logo

We are an emerging project that offers experiences and deep learning in nature generating a positive impact on people motivating and facilitating them to be a contributing energy in the transformation towards a more sustainable, cooperative, healthy, happy, diverse and full of life Planet Earth.

Juvigo Logo

We prepare you to live an unforgettable camp adventure where you will do treasure hunts, solve enigmas and many other surprises that are waiting for you!

Flysurfer Logo

Four friends set off on a journey, based on their passion for paragliding and kiting. The fledgling company quickly becoame the home of three brands: Paramarine, Skywalk paragliders and Flysurfer kiteboarding.

Moyo Logo

Non profit organisation that supports wildlife and biodiversity across the globe by delivering nature positive training programmes. 

Vall del Madriu Logo

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2004 it consists of a large number of peaks, 70% of the fauna species listed in Andorra, 40% of the country’s habitats and more than thirty lakes, including the second largest lake in the country, the Illa lake.

Patypus Logo

We offer the finest taste-free and adventure-ready hydration and water filtration products on the planet. For over 20 years, we’ve made water bottles and hydration solutions for everyday hydration needs from the city to the trail.

Specialist in sunglasses, masks and ski helmets. Always standing out for continuous innovation, leading to the development of different technologies designed to protect you from ultraviolet rays in extreme conditions.

Julbo Logo
Ternua Logo

We dress those adventurers and outdoor spirits that look to connect with nature. We create versatile, high performance, technical garments in a unique design. Committed and sustainable products that protects the planet and the people.

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