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During the Wilderness Guide Jungle experience first, you'll gain invaluable insights into expedition preparedness when arriving in a new country. This often-neglected aspect is crucial, involving shopping, safety protocols in urban environments, and navigating unfamiliar territories safely.

Participant walking though the Jungle during the Wilderness Guide Level 2
Group of participants walking though an arid field during an expedition in Guyana

Finally, following the survival training, a brief phase will prepare you for the mountain expedition where you'll put your skills into action. You'll rotate through various roles, applying your knowledge in leadership, planning, camp management and overseeing the well-being of your team members. 

This comprehensive training will not only equip you with essential technical skills but also foster personal growth, adaptability, and leadership abilities.

Then, you'll acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fundamentals of jungle life, safety, and survival. Then, through gradually removing the comforts of Rock Landing you’ll immerse in primitive settings, ultimately finding yourself with just a belt kit, a machete, a bow and arrow plus a few other tools. At this point, you’ll be tasked with surviving for two days on your own. 

Participant drinking water in the Jungle in the ewes level 2 course

Your adventure commences in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, where you will receive valuable insights into expedition preparedness.


Next on the journey is Rock Landing, serving as a basecamp where you'll delve deep into the theory and practical aspects of jungle life, safety, and survival.


From there, your path leads you to Surama, a captivating village and community owned by Amerindians. Situated in the North Rupununi district, Surama offers an exceptional gateway to Guyana's primary rainforest. You can reach it by traveling to Lethem along the Brazilian border, via 4×4 for approximately 5 hours. Alternatively, direct flights from Ogle airport take just 60 minutes.


Surama's breathtaking landscape is not only visually stunning but also home to an astonishing array of wildlife. This village is predominantly inhabited by the Makushi and Arawak tribes, residing in small households spread across vast territory. Their livelihoods are rooted in traditional hunting, fishing, and agriculture, showcasing a deep and inspiring connection to the natural world. Its boundaries encompass to the north and west the renowned Iwokrama protected area establishing it as a vital conservation region. To the east, you'll encounter the foothills of the Pakaraima mountains, and nearby you’ll find the Burro Burro River, which connects to the Essequibo River; Guyana's largest waterway.


Your experience in Surama is poised to be an unforgettable encounter with both nature and culture. As you explore this unique piece of land, you'll have the opportunity to engage with the warm and welcoming local community.


Taught in English, B2 required

Taught in the wilderness, good shape required

Maximum participants per course 12

WGA Level 1


Level 1 and Level 2 to be taken in consecutive dates only.

November 6th - 26th 2024


Online preparation

1 Day


Jungle Environments


8 Days


Jungle Environments


12 Days

Part 2

Part 3

Part 1

1 Day

Online training:
Emergency plan and risk assessment

1 Day

Expedition preparation:


1 Day

Cultural Immersion:
Indigenous community

5 Day

Theoretical and practical foundation:
Rock Base Camp

2 Days

Deep jungle and introduction to expedition life

3 Days

Survival experience

5 Days

Mountain expedition training

2 Days

Course closure and Departures











Survival and other outdoor skills relevant to specific Jungle environments

Push your comfort zone and deepen your own connection to nature

Awareness and consciousness on personal growth

Natural leadership and self-care

Transmission of sustainable practices to minimize environmental impacts

Understanding of participant’s behavior and apply leadership techniques efficiently in order to manage group dynamics

Plan, evaluate risks and execute multi day activities in Jungle environments

Hunting, tracking, navigation, camping and wildlife observation in Jungle environments

Live a full and intense, once in a life time, Jungle immersion experience

River surrounded by trees in Guyana with a cloudy sky
House in the Jungle where wilderness guides stay during the course


per person


Lodging: 20 Nights (Hotel in Georgetown, Eco lodge, In the jungle)

Meals (except in Georgetown): 17 Breakfast, 17 Lunch, 17 Dinner

Flights: From Georgetown to Rupununi

All guides, captains, bowman, cooks (up to 8 over 18 days)

Transfers in Rupununi & boat transportation

Jungle equipment & group jungle kit

Topographic maps for expedition

Expendables: Fishing equipment, arrows, bows, machetes etc.

In-country preparations (done in advance) & purchases