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Through our Experiences, we aim to help you manifest better health, heightened awareness, and a greater sense of joy in life. Our adventures are designed for anyone that seeks to explore and learn about the outdoors, developing a personal connection with nature. It's an opportunity for those who want to understand and co-create a better world, strengthening the relationship with themselves, others, and nature as interconnected beings.


As experiences we offer a mix of all our courses that are not directly part of our official Wilderness Guide Education. Nevertheless, our philosophy, experience and instructors are the same for you to enjoy and profit from their extremely rich experience; personally and professionally. They will share all their knowledge and provide you with what you need in every step of the journey.

Ivet Piqué

Wilderness Guide in the mountain

This adventure has just begun

Taking part in EWES's courses was in my plans for some years. When I finally decided to start, I discovered it was beyond expectations; I never imagined I would feel so happy to be there and learn so much on so many different levels. It's a challenging yet safe playground, where they push you to be a better version of yourself and each day is more surprising than the one before...

Wilderness Guide Level 1 Course

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