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Over the past two decades EWES has trained many Wilderness Guides, beautiful and curious individuals willing to deconstruct themselves through new learnings and experiences, not always comfortable. Among the students and instructors, special relationships and strong bonds have been forged creating a community that we call EWES Forest. 

These learnings are ever evolving, on personal and professional levels. Many new projects, collaborations, and companies are created from this energy all in its own and unique way. We share the spirit of collaboration and non-competence; this is so much needed in this world where we are wrongly taught that the strongest alone will survive. 

Here are some of our Alumni that have bravely created their own path and whom we have the pleasure to collaborate with. We share knowledge, experiences and new business opportunities, the more we are the better. We believe in empowering each other to grow, that’s why we encourage you to contact any of them for advice, feedback on our course or for an apprentice for your practical period. 

Let’s enjoy the abundance and diversity of this growing Forest.

Want to get in touch? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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